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Foundation Plan


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PAYMENT PLAN $355.20 per month (3 month plan)

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Top Tier Foundation Plan

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This requires a 90 day commitment to aid in the process of establishing habits: It takes time to establish and reinforce new habits. A 90 day duration provides a structured framework for embedding positive habits into daily life.

Plan includes:

1 Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Call (12 sessions)

 -Engage in regular coaching sessions to work on your mindset goals and challenges.

Customized Actions to Reshape Your Mindset

-Receive tailored exercises to practice between sessions, enhancing your mindset development.

1 Email Check-In per week for Additional Support

-Stay connected throughout the week with one email check-in for additional support and progress updates.

Goal-Setting Workbook:

  - Access a workbook to set and track your goals, visualizing your progress over the 3-month commitment.

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Elevate Your Mind, Empower Your Life

Elevate Your Mind, Empower Your Life ⋆